U-shaped body pillow is the most versatile, comfortable and large. The advantage is not only in size but also in shape. Made in the shape of a horseshoe, it ergonomically supports your body from all sides: the side rollers gently support the tummy from two sides, and the upper base forms an additional support for the back.

U-shaped pregnancy pillow

Future mothers often complain of back pain, especially in the mornings, after nights spent trying to find a comfortable position for an enlarged abdomen. But the well-being without good sleep and rest is impossible, so pregnant women can not do without a U-shaped pregnancy pillow – an indispensable assistant, both before and after childbirth.

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Best pregnancy pillows are not a whim or luxury. Night rest for pregnant women often suffers from the very first days of expecting a child: it is affected by hormonal changes, digestive problems, reeling emotions and difficulty breathing. But the most difficult thing for expectant mothers is to find a position in which they could fall asleep soundly – in some poses a growing belly interferes, in others – pulling back pains, and still others threaten the life and health of the fetus. A horseshoe-shaped pillow that provides a comfortable feeling during sleep and daytime rest can solve these and many other problems.

U-shape body pillowBefore the baby is born, the U-shaped pillow allows you to quickly find a comfortable posture to sleep, read a book or watch TV, reduces the load on the lower back, sides, and legs, supports the belly that is increasing every day. But even after childbirth, it does not lose its relevance – the “horseshoe” is indispensable during feeding, playing and resting, supports the back and head of the baby when he learns to sit.


  • Evenly supports the back, neck, and abdomen
  • No need to twist during sleep, if you want to turn on the other side
  • Convenient to use for feeding: it easily turns into a cozy nest chair.
  • Support rollers on the sides distribute the load throughout the spine
  • Special head recess
  • Fully universal, it can be used from the first months of pregnancy
  • Provides a comfortable sleep on the side, taking into account all the features of the pregnant

This model is considered to be one of the most popular, primarily due to its versatility. The U-shaped pillow is suitable for those who like to sleep in a “cocoon” from a blanket – it “embraces” the future mother, allowing her to fall asleep with a feeling of complete comfort.


  • Takes a lot of space in bed and is not suitable for a small bed
  • It is not the best choice for women who used to sleep with their husband

Use options:

  1. During the night rest
  2. Like a chair, while sitting
  3. As a workplace with a laptop
  4. During feeding
  5. As a cozy nest for baby

U-pillow will greatly facilitate the feeling of pregnancy and will become your ideal assistant in this joyful period.

What is U-shaped pregnancy pillow?

Choosing a pillow for sleep, the future mother needs to know all the advantages and features of the model she likes, including her cover and filler. These are essential indicators of product quality, on which its durability, functionality, and safety for the health of mother and baby depend. Besides, they largely determine the value of the “horseshoe”. Unfortunately, there is no consensus about which fillers and fabric bases are preferable. Main requirements: hypoallergenic, resistant to moisture, did not absorb unpleasant odors, did not lose their shape and presentable appearance, tolerated washing and did not attract parasites.

HolofiberHolofiber is a polyester material processed using very high temperatures. Looks like small balls. The packing is hypoallergenic, light, with a sufficient level of elasticity, because of which the shape of the pregnancy pillow remains. Conducts air well, does not accumulate moisture, unpleasant odors. The care is simple – machine washable with temperatures up to 40 degrees. Does not get off and does not migrate.

StyrofoamStyrofoam – polystyrene balls are similar to anti-stress balls, but the diameter is several times larger – up to 4 mm. 98% of the balls are made up of air encased in polystyrene foam. The main disadvantage is the “rustling” sounds that balls emit when moving along a pillow. But if you are not sensitive to the sounds – this filler will suit you. Does not cause allergies, practical to use. Due to the friability of the material, it can take the shape of a body and has a massage effect. Less transformative and tougher than holofiber.


  • density;
  • keep U-shaped;
  • provide comfort;
  • balls repeat the shape of a pregnant belly;
  • do not provoke allergies;
  • do not absorb moisture, odors.


  • rustling filler;
  • over time, the balls will have to enclose;

Note: any filler is subject to shrinkage after 6-9 months of active use by 15-20%. Therefore, we recommend purchasing an additional filler, which can be added inside through a special pocket at the base.

U-shaped pillow - feeding a babyThe material from which the horseshoe cushion cover is sewn is no less important than its padding. For a product to last a long time, it must be multi-layered. The first layer, denser, holds the filler, and as the second, manufacturers use natural, pleasant to the touch fabrics: flax, cotton, velor, and others.

It is better if the pillow has a removable pillowcase that is easy to wash and dry, especially if the product is going to be used after delivery for feeding the baby. The main thing is that the material is hypoallergenic and let the air through, and the color of the case is pleasing to the eye and uplifting.

How To Use

To make the pregnancy easy and comfortable, the expectant mother needs the care of loved ones. And one of the ways to express it is to purchase a u-shaped pillow for sleep. But to get the desired effect, you need to figure out how to use it correctly.

U-shaped maternity pillowOf course, each owner of such a product can choose a comfortable position for rest on her own, but familiarizing oneself with general recommendations will not hurt:

  • You can support a growing belly every day by slipping under it the horseshoe side support roller.
  • In order not to disturb your neck in the morning, you should place your head in a special recess at the top of the pillow during sleep.
  • Holding the cushion between your legs and sitting on your side, you can get rid of the swelling and rest your joints.
  • To relieve your back, you need to put a horseshoe support roller under it – this will help you relax and prevent the expectant mother from rolling over in her sleep, putting the baby’s health at risk.
  • When a child is born, wrapping a pillow around the abdomen, you can free your hands and ease the load on your back during feeding, which is especially useful for mothers whose crumbs are used to eating leisurely.

U-shaped pillowNote: It is useful to consult about the acquisition and with the gynecologist, observing pregnancy – he will tell you how best to use a horseshoe-pillow for sleep, taking into account the health of the future mother.


It is permissible to wash the pillow by following simple instructions:

  1. A heavily polluted item is washed in a typewriter with a delicate mode installed.
  2. Not too dirty fixture just rinsed in the bath.
  3. Drying is permissible only when the initial form is returned.
  4. The dried fabric is carefully ironed (especially carefully pay attention to the seams).
  5. It remains to fill the clean, dried, ironed cover with gasket, and then fasten it.
  6. If the pillowcase is not removed, the cleaning is carried out using a solution of a delicate detergent applied to the soiled areas. You need to leave everything so for a while so that it can act, and then wipe off the remnants with a damp cloth.
Article by Emma Bishop
Article by Emma Bishop
Doctor, gynecologist, and pediatric therapist from California
Hello, my name is Emma Bishop. I am a doctor, gynecologist and pediatric therapist from California. Last 10+ years I help women to become mothers and lead the pregnancy process throughout the period. I am a newbie blogger, but hope my maternity tips will be useful for future mothers.
Note: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any agency.
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3 years ago


My pillow is QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Pillow (2 Side). At first, I was very confused with the choice, I read a lot about different forms, sizes and fillers. I came to the conclusion that you need to take the U-shape, although it seemed large. Ordered QUEEN ROSE U-Shaped at promotional price on Amazon.

In size, at first it seemed to me huge. I thought my husband would not have enough space. But no, in fact it is very convenient and comfortable. It’s convenient that you don’t have to turn it back and forth, on the one hand it supports the tummy and on the other back. Sleeping with her is very comfortable, my fears disappeared immediately, the headboard is comfortable.

When the baby is born, we will also use it, and just sitting in it is convenient. So, a worthy purchase!

3 years ago

I’m pregnant right now. The term is short, but already from the 15th week the question arose of how to make sleep more or less comfortable. It was no longer possible to sleep on his stomach. Sleeping on my side is inconvenient at all, I also have extra weight ((((. In general, I ordered the PharMeDoc U-Shaped Full Body Pillow. I really got better sleep. The pillow is very comfortable! It’s convenient to read a book, watch TV and sleep at night good. This is really a necessity! I am very satisfied! I understand that when the stomach is very large, it will still be hard to sleep, but easier than without it. I put it forward, hug it with my legs and instantly fall asleep)))) I definitely recommend it to everyone pregnant and not only!

3 years ago

I bought a U-shaped QUEEN ROSE sleeping pillow while pregnant. In the early stages of pregnancy, I could not understand whether this pillow was useful. But the larger the tummy became, the more perceptible was the help from her.

Using the pillow it’s convenient to take different postures for sleeping, I especially liked to hug her from one end, and hold the other end with my feet. I read that blood circulates better in the pelvic area.

Although the manufacturers claim that it is a pillow for pregnant and lactating women, I could not feed the baby with it. It seemed to me cumbersome, slow. While you lay the pillow, pull the child to you and lay him on the pillow you get tired))))))
In general, during pregnancy, such a must-have pillow significantly improves the quality of sleep. But for feeding the baby it is applicable with difficulties.

4 years ago

Initially, buying a maternity pillow was more a whim to me than a necessity. Until 3 months of pregnancy, there were no problems with sleep, but as soon as the stomach began to appear, it became completely uncomfortable to sleep, tossing and turning all night from one side to the other.

I decided to order Meiz 55 U-Shaped Pillow and was not mistaken. It’s a pleasure to sleep on it, I’ve been sleeping for 4.5 months now and am happy with the purchase. I sleep peacefully at night, without any inconvenience.

4 years ago

I have been using AngQi Pregnancy Pillow for 5 months and every day more and more I like her. As soon as the tummy began to grow, it became uncomfortable to sleep. Because it was no longer possible to sleep on the stomach, it was also undesirable on the back, only on the side. And then this pillow from the category “conveniently” passed into the category “MEGA-comfortable” =)

During sleep, the pillow supports the back, relaxes the muscles. If your back begins to hurt, then after you start using it, you will feel a relief of back pain. At the same time as supporting the back, the pillow also supports the tummy, this is a huge plus! Due to support during sleep, the tummy is in an optimal position and does not sag, the muscles are relaxed, and the baby inside is comfortable resting with his mother.

There is another huge plus in using a U-shaped pillow – it does not need to be turned over under the covers during sleep, just sleep as you like, and the pillow will create all the conditions for a comfortable stay. For me this is an important point, since in one position I am uncomfortable to sleep.

4 years ago

I bought NiDream Bedding Premium U Shape for 7 months. Guided by the choice of form – the more the better! Therefore, I chose and bought the largest U-shaped.

The only drawback is that the filler wrinkles quite quickly and bald spots form.

Anna Fer.
4 years ago

When the stomach began to grow actively in the 5th month of pregnancy, sleep became more sensitive, there was a fear that my husband might accidentally hurt me at night, or in a dream I would lie on my back (which is prohibited at such times). The Internet was full of a variety of pillows for pregnant women.

Because the size of our bed allows, the choice fell on the pillow HOMFY Pregnancy Pillow U Shaped. In a dream I constantly want to change my position, lie on the left or on the right side, so I was very pleased with my choice, because no matter how I turned, my pillow surrounded me from all sides! Sleeping on it is a pleasure, no discomfort in the back, stomach, etc. Lying in a nest.

Remember that this form of pillow takes up a lot of space, if this is not a problem for you, then do not hesitate in buying!

Of the minuses:
– heavy enough to move
– this is a barrier between you and your spouse.

4 years ago

My feelings from Bluestone with Contoured U-Shape:

1. The pillow has no smell;
2. The size of the pillow fit perfectly;
3. The pillow is good to use: everything is comfortable with it – sleep, sit (for example, read, well, or do other things), just roll around and relax;
4. A separate plus is the reduction in swelling of the legs;
5. It’s nice that there is an opportunity to change pillowcases;
6. The advantage is that you can independently control the degree of filling of the pillow;
7. The filler does not stray into lumps, does not accumulate moisture, and does not lose its elasticity. I have been using it every day for more than six months and it has not lost the form at all;
8. The shape in the form of a horseshoe seems to me especially successful, since at night you can safely change position from side to side, without moving the pillow itself. How not to lie down, there is always where to throw a leg or lean your back!

Did not like:
1. Because of its size, the pillow is not intended for owners of 1 double beds;
2. The pillow is quite heavy.

4 years ago

I bought a COMFYSURE U Shaped in my first pregnancy at 10 weeks. I felt that it would be uncomfortable to sleep in the late stages. But I started using it actively already from 12 weeks! I recommend the U-form!

4 years ago

I bought PharMeDoc U Shape only at the 7th month of pregnancy, so I did not want to spend money. But when I began tossing and turning all night, looking for a comfortable sleeping position and waking up in the morning with back pain, I realized I needed to do something.

I am very pleased and regret that I did not order this miracle before, I sleep like a groundhog, strong and sweet.

The pillowcase is removable, so you can always wash without problems. The pillow can also be washed by hand washing.

Lizzzza Shepard
4 years ago

I was pleasantly surprised by the PharMeDoc U-Shaped. Moderately soft, but at the same time excellent support. How to use:

– as a pillow between the legs during sleep (many use a blanket for this purpose, but the pillow holds its shape much better)

– as a roller under the knees during rest and sleep (anti-varicose veins – hello!)

– in any version for a comfortable sleep