9 Top Contoured L-Shaped Pregnancy Body Pillow for Side Sleeping – Review 2024

When women are pregnant, they often have difficulty falling asleep. First, because of the state of health, which is not always normal. Secondly, because of the child’s anxiety, which is increasingly making itself felt. And third, the belly grows, and it becomes more and more difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep in.

There are special L-Shaped pillows for pregnant women that are designed to help women in this situation. A pillow for pregnant women is an ideal option for maintaining good health. In my article, you will find out more about these pillows and most importantly, you will be able to choose the right one for yourself. I will tell you about the 9 best pillows of this type. And you will also learn how to sleep a pregnant woman in the 1, 2 and 3 trimesters. And I will also share with my recommendations on how you can improve your sleep during pregnancy. Keep reading to avoid mistakes!

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What Does L-Shape Of The Pillow Look Like?

The pillow is simple and comfortable. She has a special roller for her head. Therefore, the pillow is similar to the letter L. It is made in the form of a long roller with a curved or rounded “tail” on it, you can put your feet, reducing the load on your back. It is also convenient to place a large and heavy tummy on the pillow.

This option will perfectly relax the entire body and relieve the tension that occurs in the muscles during pregnancy. This option will give you comfort and sound sleep. This bedding doesn’t take up much space on the bed. Sleeping with her future mother is much more pleasant and easier. You will no longer feel unpleasant pains in the lower back. This option is also suitable for daytime activities.

1# AngQi Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

This pillow was a lifesaver for my sister when she was pregnant. She didn’t have the easiest pregnancy and so the discomfort started earlier than many women. Already in the first trimester, she started having trouble sleeping because of back pain and her neck was numb. I really wanted to help her, so I gave her an L-shaped pillow for pregnant women. I chose this particular model because it seemed to be the best. So it turned out. My sister was absolutely delighted with its use. She still thanks me for this gift because she uses it even without being pregnant.

[amazon_link asins=’B07RWJXJ1L’ template=’IMAGE’ store=’pregilycom-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’d64a5eae-a034-4a2e-a22a-2f1b623af751′]

This is a universal pillow. It is perfect for sleeping comfortably on your side. Thanks to its shape, it supports the back, stomach, neck, and head of a pregnant woman. You don’t need to take another pillow and put it under your head. Due to its form, you will have enough of it alone. If you have very bad back pain, you can squeeze the pillow between your legs and the pain will go away. This pillow is what you need to normalize the sleep of a pregnant woman. Although it looks quite voluminous, it won’t take up much space on your bed. Your spouse or boyfriend will feel comfortable and sleep next to you. Nothing will interfere with him. My sister’s husband didn’t complain about being uncomfortable with the pillow. The case is very soft and can be washed. It is easy to remove and suitable for washing in the washing machine. So you can always have a clean and fresh pillow. My sister and I sincerely recommend this grey pillow!

1# AngQi Full Body Pregnancy Pillow


  • Doesn’t take up much space
  • The case is easy to remove for washing
  • Perfectly supports your head, neck, lower back, and your back


  • There are no obvious drawbacks. But for some, it may seem tough enough

2# Contour Products L Shaped Bed Pillow

This pillow is what you need if you are looking for a smaller option. It is small in size, but it does a great job of helping you relieve back, neck, shoulder pain and remove the attire and swelling from your legs. The pillow is filled with 100% polyester. This is a good and safe material.

[amazon_link asins=’B01N8RZGTI’ template=’IMAGE’ store=’pregilycom-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’b398317f-3e01-4dbb-b5f2-a513342e7967′]

Advantages of such material:

  • Strength
  • Doesn’t wear out
  • Ease
  • Thermostability
  • Doesn’t absorb moisture
  • Resistance to pollution

This pillow will be your indispensable assistant to quickly and soundly fall asleep. But its purpose doesn’t end there. It can be used for daytime activities. Put it under your back and read a book, sit on your laptop, or watch TV. So your back pain will go away during the day too. It can be used after the birth of a child. You can feed your baby comfortably using this pillow.

2# Contour Products L Shaped Bed Pillow


  • High-quality polyester filler
  • Relieves body pain
  • Can be used for various purposes


  • It isn’t possible to eliminate pain in different parts of the body at the same time because of its size

3# AngQi Pregnancy Body Pillow with Jersey Cover

This pillow is the perfect solution for a pregnant woman to get rid of pain and sleep soundly. After a woman starts using this pillow, there will be no trace of her bad mood. If you are the husband of a pregnant woman, then this L-shape pillow is the perfect gift for her. Take note. To ensure that the pillow provides comfort during sleep or during the day, you need to adjust to it. Every day the load on the body of a pregnant woman becomes more and more. Her back, lower back, and neck begin to ache. Another unpleasant point is the swelling of the legs.

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This pillow is what you need to get rid of constant pain. It eliminates all your pain. This pillow is designed for sleeping on your side. Experts recommend choosing the left side for sleep. This will help to avoid or reduce puffiness. The first step is to determine the area that causes you more discomfort. Thanks to the cushion, this pillow relieves pain in the neck and head. The roller helps to reduce the load on these parts of the body. To relieve the spine and lower back, you need to put your growing belly on a pillow during sleep. Another technique that reduces stress involves squeezing the pillow between your legs. Hold this burgundy pillow between your legs and you will feel better! Stop suffering pain, order AngQi pregnancy body pillow.

3# AngQi Pregnancy Body Pillow with Jersey Cover


  • Relieves pain in different parts of the body
  • Breathable material
  • Improves blood circulation


  • Over time the color becomes not as bright as it was

4# Full Body Adjustable L Shaped Side Sleeper Support Pillow

Sleeping with this pillow is very soft and comfortable. Hug the pillow and you will instantly fall asleep. It relieves pain and improves the sleep of a pregnant woman. I’m sure that even after pregnancy, you will not want to go back to the usual pillow. It is white, so it will exactly match your bed linen and fit into the interior of the room. It relieves tension and puffiness from your legs, relaxes your shoulders and neck.

[amazon_link asins=’B07T1JQS5G’ template=’IMAGE’ store=’pregilycom-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’0e2bb77d-b31f-408f-9f81-fb9480694673′]

When you wake up, you will be in a fresh head and in a good mood. The pillowcase is made of cotton and is pleasant to your body. The material doesn’t cause allergic reactions and irritations. This means that it is completely safe for the mother and her baby. The pillow takes the shape of your body so in any position that you take you will be as comfortable as possible. Forget about insomnia with the L shape pillow!

4# Full Body Pillow


  • Safe material
  • Removes puffiness and swelling of the legs
  • Soft and hard at the same time


  • Requires frequent washing due to the white color

5# Z Gel Memory Foam L-Shape Pillow for Side Sleeping Comfort

This pillow is used not only for a comfortable sleep but also for daytime leisure. My friend speaks positively about this pillow. And here’s what she says: “I read a lot and work on my laptop. The special pillow turned out to be a real gift for me. Now I don’t feel uncomfortable when I read or type articles. I bought an L-shaped one.

[amazon_link asins=’B00VGV4FMG’ template=’IMAGE’ store=’pregilycom-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’7c3d605d-ccd4-4ca1-b55a-28c81af5f274′]

I have a large spacious bed and enough space for such a pillow. It supports both the stomach and the back. I often toss and turn in my sleep, so for me, this is a real find since it doesn’t need to be turned over. The product evenly wraps around the body. I like its shape due to the roller. No need to put an extra pillow under your head. Thanks to this pillow, my pregnancy is more comfortable than it could have been. Therefore, I am happy to recommend it to all pregnant women who are tired of constant pain and lack of sleep!”

5# Z Gel Memory Foam L-Shape Pillow for Side Sleeping Comfort


  • Relaxes the muscles of the back, neck, legs, and shoulders
  • You won’t be hot during sleep
  • No need for extra pillows


  • Need to wash often. If you don’t wash very often you will get an unpleasant smell

6# Cheer Collection L-Shaped Side Body Pillow

The L-shape pillow is a perfect gift for a pregnant woman. She will sleep like a baby thanks to this pillow. Relieves tension from the shoulders, neck, and back. Relaxes the legs and feet.

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It is white and pleasant to the touch. Thanks to the strong zipper, it is easy to unbutton, get the pillow and wash the pillowcase. Safety for the expectant mother and her baby!

6# Cheer Collection L-Shaped Side Body Pillow


  • Easy washing
  • Doesn’t irritate the skin
  • Comfortable sleep without back pain, legs, and neck


  • It gets dirty quickly

7# SnuggL L-Shaped 3-in-1 Body Pillow

Sleep is important for a pregnant woman. And so the choice of pillows should be approached carefully. If you choose this pillow, you can ‘t go wrong. It is made of cotton. Cotton is soft, hypoallergenic, and easy to care for.

[amazon_link asins=’B07DVS2WT3′ template=’IMAGE’ store=’pregilycom-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’f9751bce-383f-4330-a3bc-6521ae630691′]

The pillow can be washed in the washing machine so you don’t need to put a lot of effort behind the care of the pillow. It keeps its shape perfectly. A practical and versatile pillow for the sound sleep of a pregnant woman!

7# SnuggL L-Shaped 3-in-1 Body Pillow


  • Made of cotton
  • The material is pleasant to the body and safe
  • Relieves pain and aligns the spine


  • Loses color with frequent washing

8# Deluxe Comfort Pillow

Doctors recommend this pillow for sleeping, pregnant women. They note that such a pillow has a good effect on the body of the future mother and her child. Improves blood circulation, relieves back and neck pain.

[amazon_link asins=’B006LOB4JU’ template=’IMAGE’ store=’pregilycom-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’6c2c0fe1-0f54-4062-98a5-d70f49bba18a’]

The experiment showed that after using this pillow, 70% of women reduced headaches by two and some by three times. These changes were due to the shape of the pillow. The roller relaxes the head and reduces headaches. This pillow won’t only help your body feel better, but also return you to a night of quality sleep!

8# Deluxe Comfort Pillow


  • Relieves headaches
  • Relaxes the muscles of the back, neck, and legs


  • Flimsy zipper

9# Beautyrest Boomerang Pillow

It is difficult during pregnancy when you are waiting for one baby, and even more difficult when you are waiting for twins. Then the pillow is just necessary. This pillow has a simple design and is made of cotton. I asked an opinion from a friend of mine who was pregnant with twins and used this particular model of pillows. And this is what she said: “I had this pillow at the beginning of my pregnancy. I can’t go anywhere without it: I take it to nature and to my parent’s village.”

[amazon_link asins=’B00N98OQ5U’ template=’IMAGE’ store=’pregilycom-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’2c0c1fd0-0612-4d53-b647-d19926b14617′]

If I forgot it, it was hell for me. Even when I was driving in the car, I put it under my back and felt great relief. Care for it is simple. You just have to take out in the sun and dry once every three months. It can be washed at a temperature of 30 degrees. it isn’t susceptible to mold, doesn’t absorb odors and doesn’t cause allergies. The only negative for me is its color. As I said, I often took it with me and so it quickly became dirty. It needs to be washed very often. But it doesn’t take a lot of time and doesn’t take a lot of effort, so for me, it’s not a big drawback.”

9# Beautyrest Boomerang Pillow


  • The pillow is made of cotton
  • Disperses blood and eliminates pain in the back and shoulders, neck


  • White color is not practical if you take a pillow somewhere


An L-shape pillow is an excellent option for a pregnant woman. Thanks to its shape, it relaxes the muscles of the back, neck, head, waist, and shoulders. Your vertebral column will be aligned and blood circulation will be improved. Your legs and feet are relaxed, relieving their pain and swelling. All pillows in my review are safe for the health of the baby and his mother. They are pleasant to the touch and do not cause discomfort to your skin. The last step that you have to do is choose your pillow and you will only have to enjoy a comfortable sleep!

Tips On How To Sleep For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a period that serves as a kind of preparation for the upcoming motherhood. Therefore, every woman, going on maternity leave, expects that she will have time for quiet preparation for childbirth and full sleep. In fact, each trimester can cause inconvenience, ranging from morning toxicosis and a constant feeling of fatigue to shortness of breath and a large stomach. To prepare yourself for this in advance, the expectant mother must learn how to sleep pregnant to get a good night’s sleep.

How To Sleep In The First Trimester Of Pregnancy

The first trimester is the most important period of gestation. In the early stages, a woman may suffer from vomiting and frequent urination, which is joined by internal anxiety. Also, the first months may be characterized by the anxiety of the expectant mother about pregnancy, upcoming birth, and even the upbringing of the child. Obsessive thoughts can’t let go throughout the day and affect sleep, which is very important for a pregnant woman. A well-chosen sleeping position will help you get a good night’s sleep.

Many women are interested in whether pregnant women can sleep on their stomachs in the first trimester. At 11-12 weeks, the stomach already begins to bulge, so from this period it is not recommended to sleep on it. The beginning of the first trimester is the only period during the entire pregnancy when a woman can sleep on her back. Then the uterus will grow and compress the Vena cava, which will negatively affect the condition of the mother and fetus. To avoid this, from 15-16 weeks you should abandon this pose.

How To Sleep In The Second Trimester Of Pregnancy

The second trimester is the most favorable period, which is characterized by the absence of nausea and the small size of the abdomen. This contributes to the full sleep and good health of the expectant mother.

You can only feel discomfort for the following reasons:

  1. Heartburn. It is caused by a high concentration of progesterone. To improve sleep, you need to eat small portions, carefully chewing the food. The last meal should be 2-3 hours before bedtime. If necessary, you can use activated carbon.
  2. Cramps in the legs. They are caused by excessive muscle tension. The intensity is so high that the expectant mother may wake up from a strong spasm. To avoid this, you need to reduce your physical activity. It should consist of leisurely walks before going to bed. The spasm itself can be removed with a light massage.
  3. Hunger. Despite the fact that eating before going to bed isn’t recommended, you can’t go to bed on an empty stomach either. Instead of sweets, you can eat a piece of cheese, unsweetened cracker or a glass of milk. When you wake up from a feeling of hunger in the middle of the night, you can satisfy it with a light snack.

Even in the absence of discomfort and a large belly, many expectant mothers wonder whether it is possible for pregnant women in the second trimester to sleep on their sides. This position is the most preferable for this period. Even if the belly is not too large, sleeping on your back is not recommended. This will compress the enlarged uterus, digestive organs, and spine. Because of the overstrain of the muscles, the lower vein going to the heart will be squeezed. As a result, it can cause back pain, hemorrhoids, hypertension, and digestive problems. In the second trimester, it is best to sleep on the left side, which will improve blood supply to organs and metabolism.

How To Sleep In The Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

The third trimester is considered the most difficult period. In the later stages, the woman feels not only psychological stress but also physical discomfort. This is facilitated by an enlarged stomach that squeezes the diaphragm, which causes heartburn, shortness of breath and insomnia. In addition, the continuously growing belly doesn’t allow you to turn over normally and take a comfortable position. No wonder pregnant women are most comfortable sleeping on their sides. However, even if a woman takes a comfortable position, she still often falls into a shallow sleep. Deep sleep is very difficult to achieve and it usually doesn’t last long.

In addition, the expectant mother may be disturbed:

  • Heartburn
  • Cramps and pain in the legs
  • Dyspnea
  • Snore
  • Frequent urge to urinate

In different terms, the baby also behaves differently. It grows in size, it becomes cramped. Although it sleeps more during this time, it can push, hiccup and roll over during activity. It is difficult for the expectant mother to tune in to sleep when her stomach literally “shakes”. To ease the condition, doctors recommend sleeping pregnant women on their side. Using a special L-shaped pillow, you can prevent the formation of edema.

General Rules Of Sleep For Pregnant Women

Properly organized day and sleep mode allow the expectant mother to gain strength. After all, changes in the hormonal background increased blood volume and the unnatural location of organs require a lot of energy.

In order not to feel constantly tired and look rested experts recommend following the following rules:

  1. Sleep should be at least 8-8,5 hours. From the total amount, you should allocate 1 hour for a NAP.
  2. It is better to fall asleep and wake up at the same time.
  3. It is necessary to use comfortable clothing for sleeping, made from natural hypoallergenic fabrics.
  4. Bed linen must also be made from natural materials.
  5. For a pregnant woman, it is correct to sleep in a position that doesn’t compress the stomach and large blood vessels. This will prevent the formation of edema and more serious pathologies.
  6. For a comfortable sleep, you should buy a special L-shaped pillow that will help you distribute the weight correctly.
  7. During sleep, the humidity in the room should be at least 50%.
  8. Light physical activity will help to improve sleep. It could be a walk. If you want to practice in the gym, you should only do it with a trainer!
  9. For a night of good sleep, stop using caffeine. Contrary to popular belief, it is found not only in coffee but also in tea.
  10. To remove traces of fatigue and lack of sleep, you need to use natural cosmetics.
  11. It is advisable to balance your diet. The last meal should be 2-3 hours before bedtime and include easily digestible foods. Just before going to bed, you can drink a glass of milk.

What Is Not Recommended To Do?

Despite the abundance of information about how pregnant women sleep, some expectant mothers ignore useful tips. In particular, some of them, suffering from insomnia, resort to the help of medicines. However, you should not self-medicate. If a pregnant woman is unable to adjust her sleep, she should first consult a doctor. During pregnancy, you can’t ignore the recommendations of specialists. Only following the doctor’s instructions and leading a healthy lifestyle, you can establish a full sleep and achieve excellent health for the entire period of pregnancy.

Article by Emma Bishop
Article by Emma Bishop
Doctor, gynecologist, and pediatric therapist from California
Hello, my name is Emma Bishop. I am a doctor, gynecologist and pediatric therapist from California. Last 10+ years I help women to become mothers and lead the pregnancy process throughout the period. I am a newbie blogger, but hope my maternity tips will be useful for future mothers.
Note: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any agency.