Anti-Snore – Is This “Battle” Really Possible?

Almost every person snores when sleeping. The only difference is that someone does it more and someone less. Strong snoring that is followed by breath-holding is a certain signal to pay attention to health.

When people start “fighting” with such a negative aspect as snoring, they do it mainly because of love for fellow beings and consider themselves completely healthy. Unfortunately, this is the biggest delusion people, who suffer from unique have.

In fact, snoring makes the ventilation of the lungs more difficult, thus creating hypoxia – lack of air in blood. All this leads to an inability to have a quality deep sleep as well as well-rested feeling. Additionally, it might cause a background for the development of other different illnesses. For example, it can be a cardiovascular pathology, problems with the nervous system, and diseases of endocrine character.

Top Anti Snore Pillows 2024 – Price Comparison

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That’s exactly why when reading doctors’ reviews or feedbacks about this or that products from snoring, one involuntarily notices that the majority of specialists underline the importance of preventative treatment as the main step for being healthy. But how can anti-snore pillows help in this situation? Well, according to the doctors, snoring is usually caused by:

  1. Obesity;
  2. Often cold-related diseases of ENT-organs;
  3. Anomalies of ENT-organs structure;
  4. Incorrect sleeping positions;

Of course, none of the snore pillows is capable of reducing a person’s weight or cure illnesses related to ENT-organs. However, it can perfectly correct sleeping positions, thus minimizing rhonchus. As the largest part of such items have physiologically right anatomic shape, they assist in fixing and supporting the head in the best position. This leads to an inability of throwing back head and inability of palate falling.

Efficiency Of Usage

As it was mentioned above, the main reason for snoring is the incorrect position of ahead. Sometimes, it is more than enough to substitute the item we sleep on, and the problem will be gone. According to the statistics, the most significant part of the population is back sleepers. Herewith, the throat becomes clenched, and the right air circulation is destroyed. Lack of oxygen promotes automatic mouth opening with unpleasant sounds. Many scientists claim that a special device can solve this trouble – a snoring pillow.

How Does It Work?

If snoring appears when a person sleeps on a back or a side, then the best solution would be to consider purchasing the best pillow for snoring. Products in this category of goods let rising the head and fix it in a comfortable position. In consequence of it, the air gets into the body without any difficulties. When choosing such a device, special parameters, as well as a person’s habits, should be kept in mind. Variable shapes, materials, and characteristics allow satisfying the most demanding customers!

To put it simply, it is a special cushion, which is a little bit firmer and more supportive compared to traditional ones. Some of the models are even equipped with a microphone that lets “catching” sounds and create a specific action that would make a person wake up. These pillows are elementary at taking care; they just need to be aired out and cleaned from dust. It will definitely ensure a healthy comfortable sleep, during which all muscles will be relaxed, and blood circulation improved.

Major Distinctions From Classic Versions

Such items have a range of distinctive peculiarities from classic feather ones. They include:

  1. Special material that is used as filler provides proper head and neck alignment. This can be latex, memory foam, polyurethane, buckwheat, or polyester;
  2. Exclusive shape – feather cushions don’t have any shape at all and is nonelastic. In its turn, an orthopedic item has different thickness of certain parts of a surface. The main aim is to repeat or contour the shape of a spine and head;
  3. Some versions work from power sources and are capable of waking a person up as soon as he/she starts snoring;

If the ground of rhonchus is anomalies in ENT-organs structure, then a pillow can’t help you. In such a situation, it would be right to have an appointment with a doctor for finding a solution to this problem. Orthopedic cushions are recommended to be used by people with overweight issues as well as those, who are prone to diseases with ENT-organs.

How to Choose The Best Anti-Snoring Pillow?

Maximum effect directly depends on the right choice of a device. The selection should be individualized for every person. Personal body characteristics such as, for example, height, weight, the width of shoulders, etc. should be taken into account too.

  1. Fillers – Before buying, it is significant to make sure, a material an item is made of is hypoallergenic. Such features are typical for latex, polyester, memory foam, buckwheat, gel foam, etc. Additionally, a cushion should be preferably environmentally – friendly, dust mite resistant, anti-bacterial, and of course, breathable.
  2. Size – It is of vital importance to determine the size of a pillow correctly. If its thickness doesn’t correspond to the proportions of a body, then there will be no effect. Tall and broad-shouldered people should pay attention to pillows with a height of about 15 cm. Whereas, an ideal solution for short people and kids will be 10 cm.
  3. Configuration – The shape of a device is chosen, depending on a position a person likes the most. An elastic roller is a perfect option for side sleepers. Back sleepers would better consider items with a little hollow in the center and a bit upraised edges.
  4. Terrific choice – What should be understood by the word “terrific” or “the best”? First of all, it should be hypoallergenic. A device without allergy risk-free feature might cause swelling of the larynx and appearance of consequent complications. It should be elastic with even consistency –when pushing on it, no holes or lumps should be felt. The material should be easy for maintenance. The size has to be perfect for positioning both the head and neck.
  5. Finances & places for purchasing – Pillows to prevent snoring can be bought either online or in relevant stores. The main disadvantage of the online method is the inability to test it, touch, and feel. Also, it can come in another size and look, which means you might not like it and will have to return back, thus spend time. The prices vary from one manufacturer to another one. The average cost of goods in this category can be, of course, higher or lower, depending on configuration, material, and features.


In some cases, the snoring problem can be solved with a simple surgery. But if a person is afraid of it, then manufacturers of special sleeping accessories come at the rescue. Orthopedic cushions deal efficiently with positional rhonchus since its main action is to support the neck in a specified position. Hence, creating a proper condition of respiratory channels and tongue positioning. More benefits to add:

  1. Reduction of tension and pressure on a spine;
  2. Relieving of neck muscles tension;
  3. Improvement of cerebral circulation;
  4. Correct body position during the night;
  5. Skin oxygen saturation;

TOP 10 Best Pillows 2024 To Stop Snoring

#1 Smart Nora Anti-Snore Solution

The most comfortable snoring solution loved by tens of thousands of couples

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
1 Year Limited Warranty
Free Returns to US & Canada
+ Sleep on your back, your side, or anywhere on the pillow + Keep your favorite pillow + Loved by thousands of couples. Independently reviewed.
Smart Nora (

Smart Nora is considered to be one of the best in the whole industry today since it doesn’t only help with snoring but also other health issues. It is capable of considerably improving one’s sleep along with physical and mental health due to its beneficial features. After the first few nights of using, you and your partner will feel and hear a real difference, as it doesn’t sacrifice sleep at all.

  • Thanks to the point that Smart Nora works with all kinds of memory foam, it is suitable for all kinds of sleepers: side, stomach, and back ones
  • According to the thousands of positive feedbacks left by users and a high rating, we can surely say that this product has helped hundreds of thousands of people and couples not only in the US but all across the globe
  • Improves sleep and makes the mornings energetic and pleasant. A person feels productive and concentrated all day long, due to emotional balance
  • The user can take any convenient position and be sure that it is inserted throughout the subject and is not concentrated in one place
  • It is a very silent device that won’t bother anyone through the night
  • Can be used not only at home when sleeping but also while traveling, as it comes with an especially designed bag
  • It is obviously worth giving a go if you are searching for comfort along with the solution to health problems. No side effects have been found while researching this item

#2 Level Sleep Restore Pillow

The Swiss Army Knife of Pillows

365 Night Trial and Forever Warranty
Over 10 Years of Development
Free Shipping and Returns
+ Apart from dealing with snoring, it is also great for eliminating muscles tension, neck pain, and regular migraines + Fits absolutely everyone, no matter what your favorite sleeping position is + Thick, durable fabric with a 4-way stretch technology maximizes comfort.
Level Sleep (

Looking for comfortable and quality night sleep without snoring? Look no further, as this might be just the right option! It has an ergonomic design that supports the head in the right position, thus providing air and minimizing snoring.

  • The head is kept at its place due to a soft center, and a neck is kept in its natural way too. In such a way, proper breathing and opened airways are guaranteed!
  • Furthermore, on each of the corners, there is an exclusive ear-well
  • Includes all possible and impossible innovative technologies to really help people
  • According to the manufacturers, this cushion is also capable of dealing with wrinkles. As the head and consequently, the face is positioned a little bit forward, the pillow reduces gathering of skin not only on the face but neck too! Could you ever imagine that?
  • Finally, it doesn’t require any special care, as it is machine-washable. It doesn’t smell bad as well as doesn’t absorb different smells and odors
  • It stays cool through the night, ensuring maximum comfort
  • As per clinical trials, this device reduces snoring by almost 80%! The only minor con can be the price, which is higher than the average one

#3 Nitetronic Goodnight Anti-Snore Pillow

The only clinically proven smart snore solution that will transform your favorite pillow

15 Night Trial and 1 Year Warranty
Smartphone App for iOS and Android
Clinically proven for Reduce Snoring
+ Reduce snoring on average of 85% per night. It can also reduce the volume or loudness of snoring up to 80%. + Improve Sleep Quality + Maintain a Healthy Partnership
Nitetronic (

According to the statistics, snoring is reduced by more than 85%. The manufacturer has developed a unique smart technology that monitors snoring sounds without stops and pauses. If snoring appears, it will be immediately detected by the technology, and the cushion will be a little bit inflated with the head turned gently on a side. Pay attention to the fact that a device detects only the user’s sounds. The sounds of a partner sleeping nearby are filtered out. Everybody knows that sleeping on a side, is an excellent solution to this problem and this is what exactly this product does. The rhonchus will be either reduced or stopped completely.

  • Extremely popular smart anti snore pillow
  • Can be even connected to a smartphone, monitoring sleep and snoring. It is also a terrific way to see the effectiveness
  • The cushion is made of foam, therefore, it is suitable for all kinds of sleepers
  • This company has been working in this sphere for several decades, designing and producing one of the most quality, modern, and which is more important, innovative models
  • Using this model, you can be sure of healthier and deeper sleep, elimination of rhonchus, relieving of pain and ache, etc
  • Long warranty with money back guarantees and 100% satisfaction
  • No minuses have been found

#4 Layla Pillow

The Best Pillow for the Best Sleep

100% Natural
A Zip to Adjust or Wash
5 year warranty
+ Kapok Fill - resting your head on Kapok is like resting it on a plush, airy cloud + Easily remove fill to adjust the height to suit you, or to give it a wash when you feel the need + Sleep on it a bazillion times and it will stay fluffy
Layla Sleep (

If you are searching for quality, durability, long warranty, and effectiveness, then you will hardly find something better than this pillow from Layla Sleep. It is an American based firm that is popular all over the world due to innovative, mattresses, covers, and not only. It also offers a huge range of advantages along with eco-friendly natural features. Let’s have a look! It is available in several sizes: queen, king. The cushion can boast of super positive reviews and feedbacks with people claiming, it is the best of the best pillows they have ever slept on.

  • Filled with memory foam that is considered to be the best material for the goods in this category. It easily and quickly adapts to the shapes of each body individually, supporting a head, neck, and shoulders, thus minimizing snoring or stopping it at all
  • Kapok fiber regulates the temperature and keeps the surface cool during the night, which is especially beneficial for people, who tend to overheat or sweat
  • Material is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. Speaking of the health pros, one should primarily note that it is ideal for those, suffering from allergies, snoring, headaches, neck, and back pain
  • Comes with a 4-months trial period. If within this time, you don’t get used to it, then you can return it and get the money back
  • Simple, yet modern and stylish design

All in all, a cushion is super comfortable, whether you are a stomach, back, or side sleeper. It is a big win for anyone searching for rhonchus elimination. Its current price is more than average but is worth every penny!

#5 Eight Sleep Ultimate Pillow

Designed to give you the "cool side of the pillow" feeling throughout the night

Sleeps cool on the cool side
+ Cool and Customizable + Memory foam layer is very dense and firm + Perfectly molded support to the head and upper spine
Eight Sleep (

One of the most superior pillows for snoring among all existing ones. It can easily be adjusted to personal preferences and needs due to 3 layers inside that can be switched around or removed at all for reaching most comfort. Having said that it is a great cushion that can solve the snoring issue, we really meant that. The density of material lets to support the head and neck, keeping them in the right position, thus reducing snoring as the air circulates well.

  • 1-month guarantee, where in case you dislike some of its features, may return and get a refund
  • It can boast of breathable cotton it is produced of, ensuring cool nights
  • Shredded polyester inside, which makes the product soft and plushy
  • A zipper on a cover makes it easy to take off and wash in a machine
  • Ideal for stomach, back, and side sleepers as well as broad-shouldered people

Moreover, it also provides proper spine alignment. Sleeping on this pillow, you can forget about constant waking up because of discomfort, overheating, numbness, tension, or any other reason. Just imagine sleeping like on a plushy fluffy cloud without sacrificing support. The company has really done a terrific job having created this extraordinary anti-snore pillow. Its balance between a classic version and memory foam one simply amazes. Highly-recommended for buying!

#6 iSense Sleep SMART Pillow

Life changes, so should your pillow

Professional and Accurate
Comprehensive Sleep Monitor
120-Night Comfort Promise
+ The Most Accurate Sleep Monitor Ever + Analyze Your Sleep Quality + Your Own Personal Sleep Consultant
iSense Sleep (

When it comes to comfort and technology, this cushion is simply number one. It has a cover that is made of high-quality Dacron aqua fiberfill. This automatically means that it is suitable for those, who tend to sweat or overheat through the night. This material controls the temperature and keeps the surface cool. Inside, the device is filled with memory foam that is capable of adjusting to the shapes of your body within 2-3 seconds. Your partner will also be grateful for such a magic pillow.

  • Memory foam can be removed or added for finding the best balance for height. In such a way, your head will be supported, meaning proper breathing and circulation along with the elimination of snoring
  • The pillow's innovation is the presence of built-in sensors. Download a free app for iOS or Android that will record and monitor your sleep, snoring activity, number of times you turn, general sleep score, and other aspects
  • Due to the app, it is also possible to fall asleep listening to favorite music or even ASMR, whatever makes you fall asleep quicker. As soon as the app detects you have fallen asleep, music will be automatically turned off not to wake you up. In the morning, you will 100% feel energized, well-rested, and refreshed
  • 4-month trial period, during which you can test the pillow and decide whether to keep it or return with the money back guarantee

#7 InteVision Foam Wedge Bed Pillow

Designed with your utmost comfort in mind with the latest technology

100% Egyptian cotton
30 days for a full refund
+ Two Layer Design + Best comfortable night's sleep + Helps provide relief from Acid Reflux, Snoring, Post Surgery

The market is full of cushions with anti-snoring effect, but this particular wedge pillow for snoring is one of the greatest according to doctors as well as users. It was designed to improve breathing and airflow by supporting and lifting ahead at the same time. Apart from supporting the head, it also supports the neck and back, meaning right blood circulation. As a consequence, you will never wake up with numbness, tensed muscles, headache, or any other pain.

  • Made of high-quality materials, to be precise a firm core and a layer of memory foam on top that adjusts and contours to the shapes of a body within seconds
  • Ideal for people, suffering from allergies, as it is hypoallergenic and mite resistant
  • The cover is machine-washable in a gentle cycle, so not much care is needed
  • The manufacturer also offers extra-covers produced of Egyptian cotton for purchasing

Remember, this pillow was specially designed for people, who snore, have poor sleep because of neck or back pain, acid reflux, breathing issues, and circulation. It is affordable for every pocket. The biggest part of reviews and feedbacks left by customers are very positive. The only disadvantage that was noticed is height.

#8 Anti Snoring Stop Snoring Pillow Orthopedic Pyramid

Giving you a truly restful sleep

Anti Allergy
Anti Bacterial
Machine washable
+ Ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers + Doesn’t absorb any smells or odors as well as doesn’t have an unpleasant smell when new + The rating is exceptionally high, and the feedbacks are extremely positive

Let’s admit the fact that it is always unpleasant to sleep with a partner, who snores, as it makes you wake up multiple times during the night and then feeling unrested in the morning. However, snoring affects both parties. A person that snores definitely has some health issues, and they can be corrected with this special cushion.

  • Relieves muscle tension, eliminates snoring, minimizes headaches as well as neck/ back pain
  • Made of premium quality materials- soft hollow fibres, which keep the item plushy, soft, and cuddling
  • This top-notch material is hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and dust mite resistant
  • Can be washed in a machine in a gentle cycle at not more than 40 degrees
  • The clinical tests have proved to be really amazing – snoring is reduced by 80%! Obviously advised for purchasing!

#9 Slumberdown Anti-Snore Pillow

Good night’s sleep is something that every family deserves

S-shaped inner foam
Reduce snoring
Improve sleep
+ Helps to relieve the symptoms of snoring and improve sleep + Firm support, relieves pressure and helps to reduce neck ache + Hollowfibre filling is soft and comfortable

Was specially designed to reduce snoring, to make the sleep comfortable for everyone in bed. It has a unique “S” shaped inner foam core that greatly improves breathing abilities thanks to head and neck support. The hollow fibre is produced of ideal contours to the shapes of a body, regulating the temperature and keeping the surface cool. The cover is made of natural cotton, which means no risks of allergies. It can also be easily washed – just wipe it clean with a wet cloth and dry.

NOTE: it is not machine-washable. Apart from solving an issue with rhonchus, it also helps with the elimination of neck and back pain, morning migraines, muscles tension, etc. The product is made in the UK, guaranteeing durability, quality, and long warranty.

#10 Silentnight Deep Sleep Pillow (Pack of 2)

Over 70 years experience in creating products for great sleep

2 Pillows instead 1
Medium support
+ Providing high comfort throughout the night + 2-year guarantee + Includes a range of duvets, toppers and protectors for deeply sleep

Do you wish to have calm, deep, quality, and healthy sleep? Then you are at the right place, as this cushion from the Silentnight Deep Sleep was created for this purpose. The manufacturer has been working in the world of pillows for over 7 decades, which only proves its top-notch quality and reliability. There available options of 2, 4, and 6 pillows in a package with a warranty of 2 years. To put it simply, if you are searching for an anti-snore solution with other multiple beneficial characteristics, then don’t miss this opportunity at a very reasonable cost!

  • Filled with hollow fibre, which keeps its shape and thus supports head and neck, eliminating snoring or stopping it all
  • Ideal solution for all kinds of sleepers, whether stomach, side, or back ones
  • The cover is manufactured from polycotton, which means its hypoallergenic and breathable features
  • Machine-washable, meaning there is no need and time for complicated care. Just turn a washing machine on in a gentle cycle at maximum 40 degrees and the job is done

Final Choice: To Buy Or Not To Buy

Without any doubt, rhonchus is an unpleasant condition in life that causes discomfort mainly to a partner that sleeps nearby. Meanwhile, a person that snores doesn’t hear anything. In modern as well as traditional medicine, there exist dozens of methods of “battling” this matter. Doctors explain rhonchus as the inability of the nasopharyngeal cavity to let in enough air. This results in muscle tension, muculent gets dry, and muscles begin vibrating, creating sounds that are called – snoring.

Offered solutions to this problem such as pills or operative treatment are not always possible. Therefore, it is so vital to look for new ways of finding ways out of this situation. For instance, an expecting mom, who is suffering from snoring simply can’t take pills, since it will not be healthy for a kid as well as a mom-to-be. Another example – sometimes rhonchus is caused by incorrect body positioning during sleep, and it is also not a ground to take medication, as they will not have any effect.

A guarantee of quality and healthy sleep

The best way out of a situation was found by modern specialists several years ago – an orthopedic anti-snore cushion. Such a product is capable of correcting the head position and not letting taking a position that would cause snoring. Nowadays, this is the only solution for pregnant women, obese people, and those who suffer from rhonchus. All the aforementioned models have passed all possible and impossible clinical tests to prove they are really effective!

Article by Emma Bishop
Article by Emma Bishop
Doctor, gynecologist, and pediatric therapist from California
Hello, my name is Emma Bishop. I am a doctor, gynecologist and pediatric therapist from California. Last 10+ years I help women to become mothers and lead the pregnancy process throughout the period. I am a newbie blogger, but hope my maternity tips will be useful for future mothers.
Note: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any agency.