Would you share precious moments of the walk together with your beloved child? Is it obvious for you to make the travel process comfortable and cheerful? Then, please pay your attention to a baby carrier, which is a valuable item nowadays for moms and their toddlers. It indeed makes easier your movements when you can’t leave alone your little darling.

What Is a Baby Carrier / Baby Sling?

The baby carrier is a convenient piece of the material, which permits you to free your hands while you are carrying your baby. Possible positions for infant carriers are three: back, side, and the front one. The critical point is close to the place of your darling. You are able to control all processes and movements.

The good news about baby holder is its durability. You are able to utilize it from baby’s birth till three years old. The crucial advantage of the baby carrier is that your lifestyle doesn’t harm. Indeed, you are used to doing multitasking, at the same time you spend valuable moments with your toddler.

Top Baby Carriers – Price Comparison

Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Carrier - Ergonomic, convertible, face-in and face-out front and back carry for newborns and older babies 8-32 lbsInfantinoBuy on Amazon
Infantino Cuddle Up Carrier - Ergonomic Bear-Themed face-in Front Carry and Back Carry with Removable Character Hood for Infants and Toddlers 12-40 lbsInfantinoBuy on Amazon
BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One - Black, CottonBabyBjörnBuy on Amazon
Ergobaby 360 All-Position Baby Carrier with Lumbar Support (12-45 Pounds), Black, Premium CottonErgobabyBuy on Amazon
BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original - Black, CottonBABYBJORNBuy on Amazon
Infantino Carry On Carrier - Ergonomic, Expandable, face-in and face-Out, Front and Back Carry for Newborns and Older Babies 8-40 lbsInfantinoBuy on Amazon

Types of Baby Carriers

There are a few variants of carriers which are available on the market nowadays. You are free to select from the following:

  • Baby carriers made of a firm material with padded straps on the shoulders, fastening buckles, and regular seats. It differs from other carries with the frame and various sitting positions for the baby. The comfortable feeling from correct wearing and adjustable straps makes the baby carrier leader in the field. Below, we will consider precisely this type of carriers.
  • Wraps or slings. Frequently, the sling is made of stretch fabric in a long way which wraps your body tightly. Two possible positions here are front and back ones. You need some practice for them to place little darling securely in the sling.
  • Hip ring and one-shoulder sling. Please be ready that all weight of your darling will be placed on one shoulder. It is also a piece of fabric that is stitched around two rings and secured bypassing the free tail through the rings.
  • Back carriers look like real backpacks. It is an ideal variant for older toddlers. Starting from six months, the head of your baby is strong enough for four years. You will enjoy the trekking or long travel with your beloved using such a carrier.

What Do you Have to Know Before Buying the Baby Carrier?

  1. Do you have to come to a decision about what position of the baby is suitable for you too? Front or back one? The front carrier is preferable for the little one when she or he still can’t support himself or herself and demands all your attention. Typically, front carriers are made of soft fabrics, and you cuddle with the toddler. Starting from three or four years your little darling becomes The respective fabric is tighter with a frame made of metal or other more substantial material. The back carrier is suitable for longer or shorter trips or a small walk in the forest, for example. You will not see the babyface, at the same time, it is more comfortable for the health of your back.
  2. Next question: how will you wear the baby carrier? If you are alone, who can put on the carrier on the back, then, the weight and comfortable wearing should be obligatory for you? Some front models have versatile loops on either side of your baby to close to the pouch and affix it to the harness. Some of them have a fastening, on the one hand, to make the process easier. Back carriers are designed like backpacks, so you have to put on the toddler first there and then, put them on the back together. Maybe, you will need to sit down on the chair or on the bench to let up on. Please do hesitate to ask for assistance from someone who is able to do it.
  3. What places are you going to visit? Do you plan to have a short walk to the park? Or going to go shopping and require an additional place for buying? Lightweight and proper lumbar support are obligatory options in this case.
  4. Start of utilization. The period varies from the type of baby carrier. If it is a front carrier, it is ready for utilization from the birth usually. Sometimes there can be a restriction about age; it is allowed starting from 3 months. If we are talking about the back carrier, it is better and more convenient for both of you to start the walk from 6 months only.

TOP-Rated Best Baby Carriers

I have collected for you the list of the best on the market baby carriers which assert their solidity thanks to satisfied mothers.

#1 Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier

Let’s start with a crucial advantage that attracts many moms to this best baby carrier. The infant carrier is able to propose you four versatile ways of utilization:

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  • Narrow seat. This option is available for small infants from birth. You see the face of your baby.
  • Wide seat. When the little one begins to grow, this way would be ideal for him or her. Face to face walking is a pleasant gift for both of you.
  • Facing out position. If your toddler controls his head already, you can boldly place him or her in the position. I am confident in his joy of the world’s
  • Back position. Please do not hesitate to use such a way to discover something new in consolidated travels, even if they are short ones.

The producer takes care of a sufficient position of the child and individual support. He added extra shoulder straps and waist belt to provide additional support. Straps are adjustable which should be comfy for all types of men and women bodies.

Special cover bib protects the carrier from baby’s drool. It is attached to the inner side of the baby carrier and looks modern and cheerful. Infants from 8-32lbs/5.4-20.4kgs are in safety in the baby holder. You can boldly set up machine washing for this item. It is a convenient point.

#2 BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original

The baby carrier original is ideal for newborns. Starting from birth to one year, it can be the best assistance and friend to the mother and her little darling. The close mutual position creates an extraordinary bond between each other. The location of legs and hips is according to the pediatric recommendation about right ergonomic shape. The little one is able to feel freedom in his actions, allowing him to train muscles and general balance. Sufficient support is provided to the head, neck thanks to adjustable straps and firm fabric.

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First time of the toddler’s life, it is essential to control his or her vertically straight position and correct breath. The shape of the baby carrier is allowed to manage it. The baby feels safety issues from the mother’s body and behaves calmly. The lightweight of the baby carrier allows you to put the little one on the bed not waking him up. It is possible thanks to unfastening side buckles that open up the front side. An adjustable buckle helps you to manage with the growing baby. The proper head support is able to place the baby in a position facing out. The manufacturer cares about safety and produced several clicks and buckles with a unique color which shows correct fasten. Comfy walk with weight distribution is possible due to adjustable shoulder straps.

With the infant carrier from Babybjorn, you are safe with support for baby’s head. As you know, the first months are intended for the strength of the muscles. While your baby is vulnerable this period, the carrier is able to look after sufficient head support until five months at least. From five months your child will be glad to discover the big world feeling your support from the back now. So turn on the facing out a position to give these incredible moments to both of you. The fabrics are Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1 approved. It is according to the international safety standard for textiles. It contains no health-hazardous substances. You can be confident in gentle and harmless to the skin of the baby fabric.

#3 SIX-Position, 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier by LILLEbaby

The baby carrier produced by Lillebaby has unique features. One of them is six carrying positions: front side, on the back, or hip. The toddler’s face can be in or out of you, or even in a fetal position.

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The Crisbie award’s winner is purposely designed for versatile ages:

  • From birth – the baby can place like in the fetal position or just like an infant in the baby carrier.
  • Growing period – While the baby is growing, you are able to wear him or her in the place of the face in or face out.
  • From three to four years – the toddler is healthy enough for carrying him or her in a back position or on the hip.

The calculated by the manufacturer’s weight of the baby is approximately from 7 to 45 pounds. The infant carrier is excellent assistance through all years of your little darling. Ergonomic seat with convertible options provides comfortable wearing. There are two options: narrow for newborns and a wide one for an older baby. The padded head support with adjustable option secures head and neck of the baby. The crucial point here is that the straps are intended for most of the body types. Just use adjusters in two different ways to fit it to you: either H-style or X-style. Choose the most suitable one.

These two styles can provide sufficient support to the lumbar zone. Thanks to the belt on the waist, you feel pressure relieving and own stability. The main point here is the comfort and even distribution of the baby’s weight. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has proved the proper hip position in the infant carrier. Smooth materials are certified by with the USA and EU standards so that you can be confident in own safety for the skin of your child. You do not have to worry and boldly to wash it in the washing machine.

One more wonderful asset of this model is the panel which can regulate the temperature. Please zip up if you desire the warm condition and respectively zip down – for a more refreshing option. It doesn’t matter where you are going to utilize the baby carrier. It is extremely easy for carrying and for daily routine. Please do not hesitate to take the baby carrier with you in your precious moments with a beloved child.

#4 Ergobaby OMNI 360 All-in-One Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Let’s consider why the baby carrier designed by Ergobaby worth your attention.

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Some features stand out this model from similar ones:

  • Ergonomic and comfy. Thanks to bucket seat which is merely adjustable, the baby carrier can provide sufficient support. Your baby places in all proper carry positions till three or four years.
  • All possible toddler carry positions. Starting from 0-4 months, it is an ideal situation if little darling looks at you. In this case, the “face in” is the excellent assistance to you. After four months, you can try to carry the baby in the position “face out”. Hip or back positions are also available, wait until the toddler becomes older and will be able to hold the head properly. Frequently, the baby carrier for infants sold separately.
  • Airy weight. As you are going to walk or even travel with your darling a lot, it is a crucial point to feel comfy and right balance.
  • Breathable material. The soft touching of the fabric should be pleasant for both of you. At the same time, you can count on its durability.
  • Intended for versatile body types. You are confident that your partner will be an excellent assistant and well-deserved substitution. Due to adjustable shoulder straps, the baby carrier is intended to help either mother or her partner, even if she or she has overweight. Measures for waist belt are 26-52″, shoulder straps – 28-46″.
  • Sufficient protection and safety. A lot of thought went into every detail of the baby carrier’s construction. Tuckaway hood can protect the baby from the wind and sun rays. The fabric is well certified with Oeko-Tex. Ergobaby looks after high safety standards.
  • Washable materials. The smooth and durable polyester is incredible assistance infrequent washing. The shape remained for long-lasting utilization.

#5 Baby K’tan ACTIVE Baby Carrier

Please pay your attention to the fascinating baby carrier with wrap-style which doesn’t require any wrapping. Sounds fantastic? For sure, but it is true. Let’s consider closer this wonder in the world of baby carriers. Your hands are free; there are no buckles and hassles connected with it. The baby carrier comfortably places in your handbag. Just take the infant carrier out of it. Then double up the loops like a scarf, put the carrier over your head with the connector loop behind your neck. You have to place one arm through each loop and then lower the outer loop to your hip. That’s all; the baby carrier is ready for utilization and fun trips with little darling. Such construction has been patented and allows lodging the baby in the center of your body under your chest to distribute the weight evenly.

[amazon_link asins=’B00PT6ROFO’ template=’BIG-NEWProductAd’ store=’pregilycom-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’64e0fa87-9be2-11e8-b153-eb668cbe884d’]

The baby carrier has a range of versatile sizes – from Extra Small till eXtra Large – intended to adults who carry the toddler. The field is similar to casual clothes, so it is merely to make a choice. If you have measures of the waist and hips before you become pregnant, it will be a great option. You can be confident in the high quality of the material as it purposefully designed for polyester which used for sportive performance or games. The fabric can stretch from one side. In case of too-tight feeling from the baby carrier, please check the correct positions of the loops – they should be on the chest and back, not on the neck. On the contrary, in case of too loose material, please wash it as soon as possible and dry it respectively. Machine washing is permitted.

Baby K’tan Active Baby Carrier is known as a healthy product due to acknowledgment from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. It proved the ergonomic form, which allows remaining the hip’s healthy. You can count on smooth support for the baby’s head and sufficient back support for parents. Depends on the age of the toddler, you can select from five diverse options to wear the baby. For newborns, it is better to locate his or her legs in or out positions. Such positions as for face inward or face outward are possible when the little darling’s head is strong enough to explore the world. Hip position can be comfortable for parents and toddlers when he becomes older.

The producer foresees a carry bag that is readily convertible to a sash. It can provide extra support when it is required. Turn inside out the bag, and you will see the sash with a pocket, which can be a convenient option. Taking into account all the above factors and my recommendations, you will be able to decide on the right option precisely for your toddler.


You were advised cream of the crop from the best baby carriers according to Amazon rating. All of them have their pitfalls and selling points. Nevertheless, please look upon closer at the infant carriers designed by such reputable companies as Ergobaby or Lillebaby. Depends on the dollar value, there is always an exciting variant waiting precisely for you. Feedbacks from satisfied customers will help you to make a final decision.

Article by Emma Bishop
Article by Emma Bishop
Doctor, gynecologist, and pediatric therapist from California
Hello, my name is Emma Bishop. I am a doctor, gynecologist and pediatric therapist from California. Last 10+ years I help women to become mothers and lead the pregnancy process throughout the period. I am a newbie blogger, but hope my maternity tips will be useful for future mothers.
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